orca_bay_coffeeLocally roasted, 100% Arabica, Craft-roasted Coffee. Roasted in small batches for quality control and to ensure freshness. Any hints, or nuances of aromas are from the beans themselves, brought out through the specific roasting process. Although we feature rotating, seasonal coffees, here are five roasted whole-bean coffees we will always have available:

Lettered Streets Blend
Roast level: Full
Moka Harrar and Sumatra are blended and roasted to produce a funky, earthy style with candy flavors of blueberry and sage, underscored by a gentle smokiness. Our house blend.

Espresso Blend
Roast Level: Medium Full
The perfect, delicate blend of sweetness, crema, body, and aftertaste. The same roast we use for your espresso drinks.

Moka Harrar
Country Origin: Ethiopia
Roast Level: Full
Tones of wine and blueberries with some wild spicy notes and a creamy feel.

Papua New Guinea
Country Origin: Papua New Guinea
Roast Level: Dark
Full-bodied. Sweet caramel flavors with balanced notes of honeysuckle and sandalwood.

Country Origin: Ethiopia
Roast Level: Full
Sweet, rich blueberry flavors. Rummy, floral and tea-like, with good acidity. (Kjirstin’s favorite!)

Royal Water Process Decaf
Roast Level: Full
Delicate, yet full-bodied, with good depth and complex aromatics. Naturally decaffeinated.

grace_cafeAlthough pies are the staple at Grace Cafe, New-York Style bagels and delightful fruit-filled scones are delivered daily to Lettered Streets Coffeehouse.

swan_cafefood_coopThe beloved co-op provides us with quality, organic, and a handful of gluten-free and vegan pastries. Always top-notch, always organic, always as local as possible.

Lightcatcher Cafe
Soups handmade by Bellingham’s own Lightcatcher Cafe in the Lightcatcher Museum. Locally sourced ingredients (whenever possible), along with careful crafting, lend unique flavors to even the most traditional soups.